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A Multilingual Stuttering Therapy with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and personal mobile assistant

It will give anyone who stutters the chance to restore his smooth speech on his own for 25 days

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Can You imagine to be Discriminated because of the way You speak ? 80 MILLION People around the World Stutter AND ARE BEING UNDERESTIMATED, LAUGHED AND BULLIED. People Who Stutter think about their problem All Day - Every Day! It defines: EVERYTHING THEY DO! EVERYONE THEY TOLK TO! EVERYWHERE THEY GO! It may lead to: DEPRESSION, ABSENCE OF SOCIAL LIFE, WITHDRAWAL FROM NORMAL LIFE ACTIVITIES AND EVEN THOUGHTS TO SUICIDE.

MEDIA Covarage: Our Speech Centers have been featured i many media outlets, magazines, radio shows, national TV networks in Europe including CNN. We have attracted national attention not only with the great results from our therapy, but also by directing and performing theater productions, where people from our program prove their amazing results in front of big audiences, conquering a big fear - public speaking!

We have the experience of over 20 years of speech therpy. THE KNOWLEDGE, THE METHOD, THE KNOW-HOW, to bring back HOPE to those who STUTTER!

We have the SOLUTION With over 5000 people who have successfully gone trough our therapy in our speech centers and online

We Want to: Take this method GLOBALLY to HELP as many people as we can in their OWN LANGUAGE. Our experience shows that the Loggita Method is equally effective in every language

Bye Bye Stuttering will be: MULTILINGUAL ONLINE PLATFORM with ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE (AI) and PERSONAL MOBILE ASSISTANT giving all aspects of the Loggita Therapy practice

Stuttering is not a joke. It is a REAL PROBLEM and We need YOUR SUPPORT. HELP US MAKE THIS A REALITY!

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More than 80 million people worldwide stutter or stammer -- that's one in every 100. In the US, more than 3 million people stutter, 6 million in EU, 45 million in Asia.

About 5% of children (1 in 20) ages 2 to 5 will develop some stuttering during their childhood. It may last for several weeks to several years.

While some will recover by age 7 or 8, 1 out of every 100 children will be left with long-term stuttering.

Stuttering is more common in boys than girls. It also tends to persist into adulthood more often in boys than in girls.


You can perform the program exercises anywhere from your phone, tablet or computer.


Georgi Kushev

I’ve spent 15 years of wondering in a world full of frustration, stress and depression because of the problems with my speech. It is fair to say that this is the ONLY method that works. Every stuttering person in the world should feel the emotion of speaking smoothly. This people WILL show you the way. Everything else is up to you. You have my greatest respect and I will be forever grateful to you guys.

Stole Cherkezov

I was a part of this course. I found their principles very interesting and different from other speech therapists, and they actually work! All you have to do is believe in yourself and the mentor Mariana. She helped me fix my stuttering problem and I am forever grateful to her, a wonderful person and an even better mentor. I wish this project success and a good luck to everyone who is a participant. Cheers!

Valentin Konzov

Awesome people and professionals! I recommend them to everyone! They put heart and soul in what they do!


CNN, SHOW TV, STV, NTV, Nova TV, BNT, BTV, BBT, major newspapers, magazines and other national media outlets in the countries where we have worked in have repeatedly presented our work and our successes. Many of the people who attended the course attended TV shows and gave brave interviews in front of audiences and TV cameras.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What age is the program suitable for?

The program is suitable for people of all ages.

The main program requires the participant to be able to read, so it is applicable to children over 7 years of age.

For the younger than 7, there will be a separate module tailored to their specifics of thinking and communication.

Children's programs will enable parents to become involved in therapy.

How long does the program run?

The main program runs for 25 days, which is the minimum time for learning the new - restored - way of speaking.

It is necessary to execute a maintenance program for a certain period of time

Do the results achieved last?


Most people who go through the program are getting to speak fluently and expressively and forget that they have ever stuttered.

Depending on the personality, some people experience relapses usually associated with stressful situations. Problems are quickly resolved when the exercises provided for this purpose and the corresponding psychological adjustment are properly performed.

The main purpose of the module is to maintain the smooth speech achieved with the corresponding motivational and psychological support.

Have all who have gone through the program stopped stuttering?

A small percentage of the people, failing to perform the exercises or failing to comply with some of the mandatory rules, may not achieve the maximum effect.

In these cases it is necessary to repeat the course.

In cases where there are concomitant illnesses related to speech or psyche, the results may be unstable due to lack of general understanding of the program and consequently inability to properly perform its exercises.

Will I be able to speak freely in different situations or in public?


The program provides a special module to overcome stress and the fear of talking in a number of situations, such as talking on the phone, at a job interview, during a presentation in front people and many others. Even if the fear of certain situations may not have passed completely over time, the daily instructions and training, will provide stability and smooth speech will eventually be achieved.

Repeatedly, at the end of our courses, people who successfully completed the program, participated as actors in theater performances, produced and directed by our team and in front of hundreds of spectators, without showing any sign of stuttering. Numerous interviews with television cameras also testify to this.

Is there monitoring by a speech therapist in during the course of the program?


The BYE BYE STUTTERING program is designed for independent work, but the initial assessment of your condition is done by a therapist based on your original video and other information provided by you in your profile.

The assessment of the progression and adaptation of the program, will be done by artificial intelligence and the therapist will intervene only when necessary.

In case someone wants the Program to be conducted under personal control and with the participation of a speech therapist, he or she will be recommended one in the respective language.

Will there be online support during the program?


You will be able to get answers to questions and additional instructions.

What device will I be able to use the program on?

You will be able to use the program on any computer with a camera, tablet, or smartphone.

What happens to the video and other information I provide?

All information and recordings we record in your profile is stored with us under the conditions of personal data protection applicable in the European Union (GDPR). It will not be used in any way except for the needs of the therapy without your permission. All information from your account can be deleted at any time at your request.

What language is the program available in?

The first language the program will be available in, is English.

It is currently the most widespread and is used and understood by more than 2 billion people worldwide.

We are ready to offer the program soon in Spanish and several other languages ​​as described in our goals. Our aim is to be able to offer it to the majority of people in the world in their native language, or at least in a language spoken by them.

Will I be able to contact other people who are going/have gone through the program?


The program will include a social network-like module in which all current and former Program participants can share information and advice with each other and with therapists. Our practice in treatment centers has proven that support, new program participants receive from the people who have gone through it to be of great benefit for the outcomes of the results.

What is the BYE BYE STUTTERING book?

The book contains entertaining and useful stories about real people and their real life stories about overcoming stuttering, events related to our speech therapies, the transition from despair and skepticism to hope, enthusiasm and pride of the personal and collective successes of participants in our courses, and more. In these stories, many people can recognize their own emotions, hesitations, fears, and be inspired to take a bold first step toward change.

There are also stories of love and happiness that have begun in our centers and continue to this day.

The book also provides useful information about the phenomenon of stuttering.

It also includes guidelines for parents and teachers on how to respond to the first signs of stuttering in young children in order to prevent the problem from deepening and developing. There are useful tips on some simple techniques that reduce the stress and frustration. BYE BYE STUTTERING is a book in which you learn that stuttering can be overcome, and this process can be used to further enhance self-esteem and self-confidence.

How can we support Bye Bye Stuttering project?

We will greatly appreciate any gratuitous support from private individuals, foundations and charities that will enable us to accelerate the development of the platform and make it even more accessible to the stakeholders of certain vulnerable groups or even countries according to the will of the donors.

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