We have a globally applicable online solution to the stuttering problem that we offer with results such as:

> 90% achieved smooth speaking during the course

> 75% continue to speak smoothly forever

> 90% of students applicable, report having successfully completed their job interviews and started a job that was previously inaccessible to people with speech impairments, the younger ones continued their education to a greater degree, restored their self-esteem, became more confident, more positive and happier.

Bye Bye Stuttering helping people who stutter overcome their problem, retain their lifelong results and thus:

  • to receive better education.
  • to become full participants in the labor market, apply for and be employed in positions and occupations to which they have not previously had access.
  • to get better conversion and higher pay for their work.
  • to contribute more to the success and development of the companies and sectors in which they operate.
  • to overcome their fear of communication and to become active and positive citizens.
  • to overcome their fear of public expression, thereby gaining access to a new level of participation in social, cultural and political life.
  • to be more successful and happy in their personal relationships.
  • to prevent the potential for their children to imitate their way of speaking.

Each of these benefits is in itself sufficiently meaningful to society, even to its own individual member. The large number of the people concerned with the problem, which includes not only stuttering people but also their families and relatives, their friends, colleagues and employers, multiplies the effect achieved. It is no exaggeration to say that the full realization of the BYE BYE STUTTERING project, whose ultimate goal is to save the world from stuttering, will have a positive impact on the lives of more than one-tenth of humanity.

This will ensure the full realization of a huge number of people in the labor market - mostly young people from all parts of the world

It will greatly assist in improving their education and career development

It will help their social inclusion and their realization as members of society, as full and happy people.

It will save the health systems and individuals affected the billions of dollars that are now being spent on palliative measures that achieve partial or no lasting results.

It will help save tremendous anxiety, money and time spent searching for and trying different therapies on the part of parents as well as the people who stutter.

The expected benefits will outweigh the investments made and will have a positive impact on the growth and sustainable development of economies.